Smart, Simple and Fun!

eMail Marketing made friendly, beautiful & effective

Your content in custom styled email to match you.

  • Professional email design
  • Straightforward enewsletter creator
  • Detailed reports with each send
  • List building tools to capture momentum.

Encourage Loyalty

  • Essential tools to grow your list easily
  • Promote your content effectively
  • Subscribers experience your exclusive content
  • No third party branding


Simply your content, Simply your branding. Period


Success with Style

  • Detailed performance reporting with every send.
  • Discover where your most active subscribers are, which items are receiving most attention, what time of day gets better open rates and more.
  • Improve your communication with crucial insight and watch your results climb!

Grow Your List

Get strategic with growing your lists: embed subscribe forms, manage/import existing lists, automate sends and avoid duplicates.

Send Beautiful Email

Your email newsletters are custom crafted templates matched to your current logo and website design. Every email send is professional.

Measure Success

Gain powerful insight with each email send to inform your communication strategy: open and click rates, location and real time activity.

Seriously… where were you when I was getting started?

Focus on becoming good at this one thing and you’re likely to leave all those Facebook and Twitter wanna be gurus behind you and in the dust!

The power of a growing email list and your fantastic content OUTRANKS Twitter and FB combined!

Ok, of course you’re already aware of this and that’s why you’re here. You’re hoping there’s a way to handle email lists and get beautiful email better than all the other options you’ve spent so much effort on already.

So, I’m giving you permission right now. You’re allowed to fall in love with Simply Mail. The people on the receiving side are likely to fall in love with you all over again too!

You’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t start here, why nobody told you it could be so intuitive and easy. And when it comes to doing email, Simply Mail makes it just so beautifully simple.

Simply Mail

the smashing email newsletter option you’ve been looking for!