About Simply Mail

The Simplest and most streamlined way to send beautiful email to each person who wants your content.

Engage Your Subscriber Base

Simply Mail is a complete system for getting you message heard - and listening to your individual subscribers. Manage your lists, organize, create and schedule each send then watch as real time reports help you gauge your message's effect.

  • Imagine being able to send quality content and know immediately that the message safely arrives at your recipients inbox. Simply Mail does that for you!
  • Imagine being aware of what geographical region your recipients are when they get your message. Simply Mail does this too!
  • Imagine sending with professional hand tuned style matching your brand and online identity Simply Mail offers this potential!
  • Think of the freedom of sending content unmarked and displaying no third party branding in the content. Yes. Simply Mail makes this happen!

Imagine the possibilities

About Our Team - Simply Mail is owned in whole by Plan Promote Prosper, a content marketing plan and implementation company.